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This is a blog of our year in Sydney. Nick is undertaking an orthopaedic research fellowship as part of his training before becoming a consultant. We have given up many things to do this having sold our house and have left friends and family and jobs that we both enjoyed. However we believe it is likely to become one of the most memorable years of our lives. I am keeping this blog mainly as a personal record of events and memories. Hopefully it will still be available for our children to read in years to come.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The day we lost Alex!!

Well it was Anzac weekend and a public holiday on Monday. Nick was planning to go into the lab to work but I managed to talk him into a picnic at the Botanical Gardens. We caught the bus to Circular Quay and walked towards the Opera House. The weather was beautiful and the place was heaving with people. Nick needed to get some money and I wanted to have a quick peek in a shop so he took Oliver and Alex hand in hand downstairs to the lower concourse of the Opera house Plaza. I was waiting upstairs when I heard shouting. Nick was calling Alex. He suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs and pushed through crowds to tell me Alex had gone he was by his side and he had just disappeared. Before I even got the chance to say anything Nick ran back down stairs and started shouting again. You can look down onto the lower concourse and there I was completely stuck with the pushchair. Watching Nick run up and down pushing through masses of people with a growing audience. Soon there were security guards involved and police on their radios. I was in tears. Ten minutes later and it felt like half an hour a lady had found him wandering alone near the water. He was totally not fazed. We didn't know whether to hug him or scream at him so we did both. Nick later said he thought someone had taken him because it was seconds between him being there and vanishing. He is such a confident little boy. I am not letting his hand go now though!

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