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This is a blog of our year in Sydney. Nick is undertaking an orthopaedic research fellowship as part of his training before becoming a consultant. We have given up many things to do this having sold our house and have left friends and family and jobs that we both enjoyed. However we believe it is likely to become one of the most memorable years of our lives. I am keeping this blog mainly as a personal record of events and memories. Hopefully it will still be available for our children to read in years to come.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Alex's Birthday

We decided that rather than have a big party we would have a mini one with a few close friends and then have a family outing at the Aquarium. Alex still does not know lots of kiddies yet. He only started at his preschool last week. http://www.thespotpreschool.com.au/ .

We had a little party with Laura's girls, Amelie the oldest is good friends with Oliver at school and Alex adores Poppy the middle girl. Ed is quite content playing on his own and watching the entertainment around him. I made a rocket cake. Thank goodness for melted chocolate icing as it covers up even the worst cake. Alex loved it. We had a tea party outside played the usual party games including pass the parcel and the Mums had a chance to have a glass of wine. Very civilized.

Unfortunately the day after we all got a bit sick (not from the food!)and on Al's birthday we were all a bit achy and flu like. Did managed to walk around the Aquarium though which had a few good displays. The sharks and gudongs were the highlight. And for the first time in years we had a meal at a restaurant and the boys were so well behaved. We sat at 'Nicks' overlooking Darling Harbour and watched the boats go by.

Onto Alex's preschool. Well Nick and I have discussed at length whether he really needs to go but being that he is going to start at school next year we decided that he needed to make some buddies of his own and get used to spending some time away from me. The debate really came about because of cost. Here it is £50 a day for preschool and two days is the minimum. It is going to be a large cost as we wont get any rebate being on a temporary visa. To be honest he is lucky to get a place as there is a shortage of schools and long waiting lists. We think it is the right thing to do though and despite the tears in the morning he is very happy when I pick him up. The preschool he is at is run by a lovely couple. They are originally from Africa and have a medical background. The guy calls himself 'big Dad' and is so warm to the children. The school has a lovely feel and is very structured. Lots of play but also the usual 'learning time'. He came home the other day telling me about letters he had learnt and stories they had read. I just hope he makes some little friends too. Whenever Ol has a friend back to play Alex always tries to hug them and become a part of what they are doing but usually ends up side lined! It is tough being the little brother. Hey they call Alex the 'lawyer' at preschool. Isn't that funny!! Apparently Steve used to be called the 'see lawyer' as whenever he was told off he would say 'no but you see...!' Well Alex is exactly the same. Anyway check out the school website and let me know what you think.
Here is Al on his first day of school, he insisted he needed a hat and bag just like his big brother. As an aside, Ollie has been so lovely in helping Al get over his anxieties in the morning. I heard hem telling Alex 'don't worry I used to be scared of school too!. Alex gave him a huge hug and kiss on the lips today at drop off. Little moments of brotherly love. Just a shame they are so short and infrequent.