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This is a blog of our year in Sydney. Nick is undertaking an orthopaedic research fellowship as part of his training before becoming a consultant. We have given up many things to do this having sold our house and have left friends and family and jobs that we both enjoyed. However we believe it is likely to become one of the most memorable years of our lives. I am keeping this blog mainly as a personal record of events and memories. Hopefully it will still be available for our children to read in years to come.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Boltons Bench

Baytree Cottage

We managed to find this lovely cottage in the centre of Lyndhurst. It is very cosy, the boys are sharing two beds pushed together and Edward has his own tiny bedroom at the back of the house. We can walk straight into the village centre and have already been to the local fish and chip shop. Boltons Bench, a landmark in Lyndhurst or small hill with a circular bench on top, is also a ten minute walk, and has been a great place for Ollie and Alex to fly their gliders from. The cottage was the only place we could find with WiFi and was reasonably priced to as we managed to get a special deal. Nick continues to go to work until the 14th December and Ollie we take to school, about a 20minute drive. Definitely preferred being able to walk to school.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Well we are not in Australia yet!. We moved out of Marchwood on the 7th of November but have stayed local to Marchwood so that Oliver can continue to attend the infants school. The picture shows how resourceful Ol and Al were on the last morning in Oxwich as the movers had taken pretty much everything! A treat for the boys to watch TV whilst eating!

We then spent a week in Woodlands in the forest in a beautiful detached house belonging to a friends parents. Slightly nervous whilst there as you can imagine!. The boys were well behaved though and looked after the house. It was so quiet at night we all slept really well. We also regularly saw deer in the morning and were able to walk straight into the forest.

The view in the morning from our bedroom.