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This is a blog of our year in Sydney. Nick is undertaking an orthopaedic research fellowship as part of his training before becoming a consultant. We have given up many things to do this having sold our house and have left friends and family and jobs that we both enjoyed. However we believe it is likely to become one of the most memorable years of our lives. I am keeping this blog mainly as a personal record of events and memories. Hopefully it will still be available for our children to read in years to come.


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Killalea Camping

Finally managed another weekend camping at last. The weather was looking good so we headed two hours South of Sydney to Killalea State Park near to Kiama. I had picked up this camp book from the local library and this site came recommended. You have to drive through a milton keynes style development before you get there though. Suddenly though horrifically ugly houses give way to beautiful rolling hills, green fields and bush. The campsite lies alongside two great beaches, locally known as Mystics and The Farm. They are supposedly good surf spots. You can't see the beach or the sea from the campsite though but you can hear the waves. The space at the site was superb and despite being alongside many other people it felt remarkably private. We set up camp and went to find the beach with pushchair in tow. We were directed down a small path from the camp which rapidly became very steep and fell away to steep steps down a rocky face and then steep rocks alone. We were stopped on our arrival on the sand by a Scottish lady who had been watching us and stated we were crazy!. The beach was pretty much empty, unsuprisingly. We had a relaxing afternoon exploring rockpools, catching crabs and fish and sleeping. Well Edward and Nick mastered that art the most effectively. We returned to camp for supper and used one of the fabulous electric BBQ's and had a gourmet meal of meat and salad. Ollie enjoyed the novelty again of wearing a head torch and stayed up with us reading his space book and looking at the stars. There was a great smell of food and woodfires and burning mosquito coils, a mix of music playing too. Nick and I even managed an hour to ourselves with a bottle of wine. The boys slept so well and didnt wake until seven. We had a quick fry up before taking the tent down and heading to the Minnamurra rainforest just inland on the slopes above Jamberoo. The attraction here was the boardwalk and paths accessible to a pushchair for the 5km circuit. Well worth a visit, the waterfall at the end of a steep trek beautiful too. We saw huge figs and gum trees, palms and waterdragons as well as lyrebirds. We now just keep having to push ourselves to get away at weekends everytime the weather looks good as there is so much to see. We are starting to feel we won't manage to fit in all that we wanted to do in the year alone.